All about Celebrities with herpes

Awareness about herpes symptoms, causes and treatment is always necessary. A lot of celebs with herpes were not even aware that they had the disease for a long time. This is because they were not completely aware of the symptoms and the causes that can lead to this disease. Even today a lot of names are being constantly added to the list of celebrities with herpes. Herpes is no more a rate STD and therefore one should be aware of the various herpes symptoms, causes and treatment methods.

Herpes symptoms, causes and treatment

In the last few years, herpes has affected a large chunk of the world population and in 50 % of cases the symptoms do not even come into picture for a long time after the person has contacted the disease. However in this phase, the person is still capable of transmitting herpes. Some of the most common herpes symptoms are:

Herpes Symptoms

The first symptoms of herpes are redness and rashes in the abdominal area. Often people have complained of a herpes virustingling sensation and itching in the abdominal area. These symptoms are mild and hence people tend to ignore them. However symptoms like headache and muscle ache, swollen lymph glands, vaginal or penis discharge and burning sensation during urination or otherwise are no mild symptoms and if you’re coming across these symptoms, you might have herpes. However if you have an outbreak of blisters in the genital area along with the other symptoms, you can be sure that you are suffering from herpes.Herpes can cause a significant outbreak of blisters which is one of the most common symptoms and should not be ignored. Blister outbreaks can occur as many as 4 times in the first year of herpes. Experts have always talked about general awareness about herpes symptoms, causes and treatment so that people can seek help at the right time.

How Can you Get Herpes

You can get herpes from something as simple as a genital sore. Herpes can be transmitted during sexual intercourse as well. The most common way that people contact herpes is sexual activity. Genitals, mouth and anus can carry herpes from one person to another in both men and women. Babies can also contact the HSV virus at birth. However this is the case if the mother of the baby suffers from herpes as well and has an outbreak

Treatment for Herpes

There is no specific cure for herpes but if the problem is diagnosed at the right time, treatment can come into picture with antiretroviral medications. Some of the most common medications for herpes are Zorivax (pill), Docosanol (cream), Penciclovir cream and Valacyclovir. A lot of research is being carried out to find a permanent cure for herpes but it seems that so far precaution is the best cure for herpes. In order to stay away from herpes you should make sure that you are well informed about herpes symptoms, causes and treatment.