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Signs and Symptoms of Genital Herpes

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Signs and symptoms of diseases are vital for their treatment. Without the appearance of signs and symptoms, it is very difficult for to you know that you have contracted a certain disease, so that you can start treatment. But diseases such as genital herpes are more dangerous than others precisely because of the lack of symptoms and the delay in expression of signs. In fact most people with genital herpes, don’t know are not even […]

All about Celebrities with herpes

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Awareness about herpes symptoms, causes and treatment is always necessary. A lot of celebs with herpes were not even aware that they had the disease for a long time. This is because they were not completely aware of the symptoms and the causes that can lead to this disease. Even today a lot of names are being constantly added to the list of celebrities with herpes. Herpes is no more a rate STD and therefore […]