Say Goodbye To Side Effects of Herpes

Most herpes outbreaks occur when the immune system of an individual  takes a nosedive, hence natural cures for herpes are the best solutions. If taken in regulated dosages they have zero side effects and hence don’t take a toll on the already weakened immune system.

A type of edible mushroom known as Rozites caperata when ingested helps in treating the sores so does a herb called Prunella vulgaris which is soaked in water to soothe and heal the sores.

Essential oils of jojoba, calendula, lemon,hypericum etc have a restorative effect on the damaged tissues. Cornstarch when applied like a topical ointment over the sores dries them out and relieves itching. A variety of medicinal honey known as Manuka which is originally found in New Zealand is anti-bacterial and accelerates healing.

Samento extract which is procured from a plant found in the rain forests around the world is known to have an uplifting effect on the immune system. Discovered in the native lands of Peru the Samento leaves are used to brew a tea which when taken helps boost the overall health and vitality of an individual.

Tea tree oil with its antiseptic properties is known to be a fast healer of sores and open wounds. The tea tree oil in its concentrated and distilled form is more potent  hence a few drops suffice for a single application.

Broccoli and Lemon balm extract is another natural remedy for rapid healing of the sores when used as a topical ointment. It has exceptionally effective anti-oxidation and anti- bacterial properties along with a calming effect on the sense1s.

Hence it is an effective remedy for herpes as it helps overcome depression and stress if taken as herbal tea is an effective cure for herpes sores if applied topically.

The extract from roots of a plant called the Golden seal, an antibiotic herb is used to boost the immune system and tonatural remedies for herpes counter pathogenic bacteria. Golden seal extract when ingested or applied topically thwarts viral infections caused by the Herpes virus.

Likewise the extracts from the Echinacea plant when applied topically helps prevent recurrent infection by herpes simplex virus1.

Liquorice extract is obtained from the liquorice roots by boiling it in water to get a concentrated syrup which is sweet in taste. The glycyrhizic acid found in the extract was found to have therapeutic effects which have a subduing effect on the Herpes Simplex virus.

Although it reduces the chances of a reactivation of the virus, the prolonged usage diminishes the potassium content in the body while elevating the sodium levels which is harmful for individuals with a high blood pressure.

Hemp and flax seeds, fishes like mackerel, tuna, salmon and sardines have a lot of omega fatty acids which when consumed have a replenishing effect on the skin. Lysine rich foods inhibit the replication of the herpes virus, hence it should form a major part of the diet of an afflicted individual.

Foods like millets, cottage cheese, rice bran,eggs, fish, carrots, apple, cucumber etc. have an ample quantity of lysine in them. Packaged foods with additives and preservatives should be avoided at all costs as they reduce the efficacy of the natural cures for herpes.