How to Cure Herpes

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how to cure herpes

Most people who have contracted herpes throughout their life one way or another are constantly told by doctors that they can never be cured and will have to deal with the symptoms for the rest of their lives. These symptoms include horribly ugly and painful warts that riddle certain parts of the body.

Many people are given antiviral pills that are said to alleviate the symptoms. However, once the symptoms are gone and the victim stops taking the pills, the symptoms will return, possibly at an even stronger power than before. These pills only serve as a temporary relief from what would be a life of herpes symptoms. Plus pills generally have side effects that can be even worse than what they are trying to treat. This makes pills a bad treatment for herpes. So how can you help treat your herpes? Well there are several ways, but the first thing you must do is learn how to not contract herpes at all. This includes methods such as practicing safe sex and keeping yourself clean. But unfortunately, even those who try every conceivable thing to prevent herpes can still contract it from bad circumstances. So what do you do if you are struck with this terrible disease? Traditional medicine will tell you that there is no way to cure it and you will be stuck with it until the day you die.

One direct method of treating the blisters and sores you get is by using baking soda. Use them with cotton balls over affected areas and you can temporarily treat them. By using the baking soda, it will dry out the blisters and soothe the painstaking itching that the blisters cause. Use the cotton balls to layer them onto the affected areas and it will work its all natural magic.

Another way is a very easy method. You should be doing this whether you have herpes or not, yet many people simply ignore this. Keep your immune system healthy. Your immune system is your body’s natural way of fighting viruses. Without a strong immune system, any viruses you contract can affect you badly. This is because they are not being fought off. The main way to boost your immune system is through your diet. Try eating lean protein and lots of fruit and vegetables every day. Use olive or canola oils to cook your meals instead of other oils that have lots of unhealthy fats in them. By fixing our diet, you will greatly increase your body’s natural way of fighting off viruses